A Blessing

IMG_20141119_141819096_HDRMay your life be peppered with more of the whimsical.
Background tracks that make you feel light as sunlight,
Like the clear sky is the only thing on your shoulders.

May you know more colourful moments,
The shades of laughter and newborn smiles.

May it feel as though your soul were being plucked,
String-by-string, well in tune,
By a gifted player making melodies graceful as a resting breath,
Notes to fall along your path as your feet touch the dusty ground.

May your grief and insecurities ascend like bubbles,
Bursting as they hit the surface of your consciousness
With a fizz that tickles your inmost being.

May your most beloved dreams meet paths with
and become a true companion to your wandering, curious, brave heart.

A Blessing

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