Playlists to give life by

As I said on my last blog post here at Inked Eskimo, I’ve not entirely vanished from the blogging scene. Like much of my life, it’s just been dominated by thoughts about baby Spud and all the changes that we’re experiencing and moving into. Should your appetite be drawn towards such matters, do visit A Fist Full of Stork Feathers to see what’s going on.

At any rate, I thought I’d do a dual blog post here as we enter countdown mode in a very real, sobering, exciting and terrifying way. While most of my planning has been around what she’ll poop in, sleep in, get around in, etc. my mind has begun to visit the question of what I will be hearing before she enters our world. As I’m aiming for a home birth but I realise that I may have to go to hospital at some point if things don’t move along as swiftly as they should, I want to create an environment that will help me to do whatever it takes on the day regardless of where I find myself. Cue the babygeddon set of playlists: Fun, Ferocious and Focussed.

Fun: For an active labour in which I hope to dance myself as far as possible. If I could dance my way to transition that would be the most amazing story to tell. Of course I’m not sure how that works in a birthing pool but hey I guess it’s all about having more tools in the shed to use to make this experience as positive as possible.

Ferocious: For those times I need a bit of grrl power to remind myself that I was designed in part to get babies baked and born.

Focussed: A bit more earthy, hippy and spaced out. The zen Eskimo breathing her way to mamahood.

The first step in this playlist creation is to get music uploaded to my computer since I had to wipe it clean a few months ago. Thankfully I did back up what I had and I’m visiting the local library which has a decent selection of CDs to add to my collection: Most recently, Seasick Steve, the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou, Boards of Canada and a few others. I do love me some free music.

So stay tuned as this develops with too much bad 90s hip hop, shameful guilty pleasures and power ballads. Sweet.


Playlists to give life by

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