Happy New Year! 2012 Year in Review

I was reminded by a friend via her blog yesterday that it’s that time of year again for an end of year recap. 2012 was a year of ups and downs if ever there was one. It felt like the first half of the year carried over from the last half of 2011 – very difficult and saddening in so many ways. I am delighted at the way that the year has ended however and am looking forward ‘expectantly’ to the year ahead and all that it promises. I hope that it brings you warmth, dreams coming true and every beautiful thing to counter the inevitable struggles.


We spent much of this month adoring our kitty who was growing like a little weed and keeping us entertained. Both the hubster and I were not well at the turn of the new year, which was spent watching films and fireworks online (which had a brilliant soundtrack!). I began a creative writing course, challenging myself to get disciplined about writing. It was a good run but I’m afraid it didn’t last long. We rejoiced as ridiculous charges were dropped against my hubster for serving tea and biscuits at a strike. We took long winter strolls and watched as the Olympic park grew. I wrote about Coq au Vin (sans Coq) and that turned out to be my most picked up on post via search engines. We ended the month with a big fat positive and began nervously (and quietly) expecting Butterbean.


We had the first snow of the year on the 4th and I teared up at the Muppets. We celebrated a leap year and I lost a childhood crush, Mr Davey Jones of the Monkees.


The month kicked off with renewed sadness as we lost our Butterbean. I killed my old Facebook account and started a new one as the Timeline found its way into my life. Spring sprung around us and we celebrated the marriage of friends in York.


470678_10150829986260935_2045066297_oIn true fool’s style, we circulated a Facebook rumour about our return to the states, prompting a host of messages from both happy and sad friends. I got fed up with my job and kitted out the kitty with a stylin’ cone. Things got crafty as spring ramped up and I visited family and friends in California for Easter. I swooned with a friend to our aging boy band favourites New Kids on the Block in the rafters at the O2 arena. I was angered by the appearance of rooftop missiles on East London estates thanks to the impending Olympics.


Mmmetal Bingo!
Mmmetal Bingo!

The music world lost a legendary artist, MCA. I curated an art exhibition out of recycled rubbish. We played heavy metal bingo and ate skull adorned cupcakes. At the end of the month, I took a much needed break from social media and took lots of photos, like this one of a Hackney hipster cat.

Hackney hipster cat
Hackney hipster cat


Thank you ma’am for the extra time off work! We didn’t celebrate the Jubilee but I made a zombie royal to mark the occasion. I tried (and failed) at making sourdough bread. In spite of it being a summery month where our veggies started growing in the garden, the pests abounded, snacking on our carrots, onions and anything else they could munch on thanks to the wet weather. My heart was still heavy and in need of a vacation.


My sentiments exactly.
My sentiments exactly.

As the Jubolympics approached I continued slagging off the games and noting the bad press coverage on security screw ups, military like presence in London and just generally hating the aesthetics. As crowds in London increased we headed out at the end of July for a couple weeks in Germany and Amsterdam.


Good for your skin. Or something.
Good for your skin. Or something.

Best.holiday.ever. We enjoyed a few hours in Brussels, then headed to Cologne and a festival in Germany. As always it was a treat hanging out with friends there. We headed to Amsterdam, one of my top cities now, for a week of R&R. Shame about the mosquitoes! Our final 24 hours included shooting stars, tiny kaffes, buzzing markets, a huge appeltaart for breakfast, hunting for vintage records, and wandering without getting lost. I turned a grand old age of 35 mid-month, marking the occasion with a sombrero, tequila, an amazing cucumber margarita and Mexican food shared with friends. We joined other soggy festival-goers for Greenbelt which turned out to be a complete mud bath.


Ice cream!
Ice cream!

The hubster and I marked 4 years of matrimony with Belgian cuisine and too much Haagen-Daaz. We may or may not have also made a baby as a result. Well, apparently we did at some point around that time. But we wouldn’t know til the end of the month.



We saw Billy Bragg perform for the BBC, remembered our lost little ones, voted for ‘the best man’ and tried to get our tomatoes ripened. We carved pumpkins butternut squash and celebrated my dear one’s birthday. I was invited for a job interview knowing I was somewhere around 7 weeks pregnant with Spud.


I was offered, accepted and started a new job managing a community centre nearby. I was gladdened by a certain Presidential election outcome. We crept up to Thanksgiving and our 12 week scan when we found out all was well and announced the big news to family and friends.


How we grow! Weeks 8-18
How we grow! Weeks 8-18

We watched my belly grow, heard our baby’s heartbeat and had a nice quiet Christmas at home for the last time in quite some time. Enjoyed the time off of work to catch up with friends, some of whom are also expecting in the new year. We celebrated New Years by watching the new Bond film and were home by midnight to break in 2013 with Cosette and our own comfy surroundings. Ah yes and we didn’t die at the ‘end of the world.’

While the 31st was cloudy, dark and rainy we awoke to a bright and sunny 1st day of the year. Hopefully it’s a good omen.

Happy New Year! 2012 Year in Review

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