Feeding the Beast (er, make that YEAST)

Sourdough StarterI have always LOVED sourdough, particularly San Francisco style sourdough bread. Hot with melted butter, there’s nothing quite like it.

I got a sourdough starter from a friend yesterday, something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I was instructed to feed it. Now that’s kind of creepy.

So today I fed my new, um, pet (?) and got a little bit overwhelmed by looking at the instructions I found online. Sounds like a lot of commitment with twice a day feedings etc. to get the thing to be really healthy. But I do like the concept of passing on something to be used for making something as life-giving, equalizing and delicious as bread.

Once I get this thing to grow would you like some? Any sourdough experiences to share? Awesome recipes?

Feeding the Beast (er, make that YEAST)

2 thoughts on “Feeding the Beast (er, make that YEAST)

  1. greendoorproject says:

    please explain a little more. are you feeding yeast to make it grow? and then use it to make the sourdough? i’m a bit lost. =)

    1. It’s all new to me too R. It appears as if sourdough is made from a batch of old dough left to get really yeasty. This batch is a ‘starter’ and you add flour and water to it to get it to multiply so that you can make more and more sourdough goodies. So yeah, it’s yeast but also flour and water and whatever else was in the original dough. I still haven’t used it as I was given only a small amount I had to increase in size… Stay tuned!

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