Let’s be Frank here

Long have I intended to try my hand at embroidering one of my grandmother’s favourite sayings (and probably your granny’s too, along with everyone else’s grandmother in human history). I re-fell in love with this cliche when Metallica put some riffs behind it and metal-ized it on their Death Magnetic album. I’d post a link to the song ‘Broken Beaten Scarred’ here but no doubt Lars would personally come after me for royalties and I doubt he’d be showing up in a teddy bear costume.

At any rate, countless times in my life I’ve heard my granny’s voice saying this and now I hear James Hetfield singing it, giving it a new personal meaning to me. I am indeed broken, beaten and scarred, but damned if I don’t die hard.

With that, I’d like to introduce you to Frank. He’s had a rough life but he keeps going.

'What don't kill ya make ya mo' strong'

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