Cone-Headed Kitten

Perhaps this post will be of more interest to some than others and perhaps it will serve more as a humorous jab for your Friday as opposed to anything terribly inspiring or informative.

Our poor little Kitler is one of those with skin issues. If it’s not one thing it’s another. When she scratches she goes for it. She’s scratched herself bloody several times and led to vet visits for fear of infection or just because of the ‘eew’ factor that comes with her bright white fur stained red. We first put her on lamb and rice food to remove as many allergens as possible. It helped but didn’t solve her itching problems. We decided it was time to try her outdoors and see how she got on. She loved it but a little hitchhiker came in with her and she doesn’t appear to tolerate flea bites with a lot of grace. We finally got some Frontline which has, again, helped but not solved the problem.

Cue the cone of dejection. Cone of DejectionWoe is she. Unable to sit on her own, scraping down the walls, siphoning the kitty litter, can’t even hold her head up. Here she is taking up residence in my husband’s lap. For hours on end.

Okay so we all know these things create pitiful animals and quite rightly so.

We had to keep her in this as she was tearing her fur out. Then I saw it– a big round gaping space in her fur in what could be likened to her arm pit. Only then did my mind somersault into a realisation of how much she had been licking said pit. I spent like 3 days thinking, ‘what the hell is this now!?’ when I looked at its perfect roundness and thought… ‘crap… ringworm’. Hubster Extraordinaire whisked her off to the vet for the obligatory tests, spending what we’d started saving for our vacation to find out that it would take 6 weeks to get the results back. What the heck were we supposed to do with the kitty posed above for 6 weeks?! The cone of dejection would have to go.

Unfortunately kitty had dug a hole in her chin that she managed to uncover every time we took the cone off for a brief moment so leaving her au-natural was not an option. Instead I hoofed it to the pet store before I was due to leave for a vacation with the Mr. staying at home with her. I asked for a soft cone but they had an inflatable … um, tire, instead. It would have to do.

Does my butt look big in this?

While this enabled Kleptokitty to turn her head somewhat and to actually hold her own head up, she still seemed to believe she was going to die and in need of constant attention. She definitely managed better than with the cone but managed several times to trap herself in close areas and had to pull the thing, tethered to her break-collar, off her head. The sight of my kitty dangling by her neck from the dining table made me laugh but also scared the bejeezus out of me.

Her chin wound had all but totally healed up when I took the tire off and put a bandana on in hopes that it would curtail excessive scratching. Nevertheless we awakened to find her a little bit bloodied so the tire went back on, temporarily.

I decided it was time to take things into my own hands, whipped out the sewing machine (or rather grunted and groaned while dragging it out until the Hubster took over) along with my beloved leopard fabric. I used the Cone of Dejection as a template and created a new soft cone with a layer of felt in between the furry fabric, stitched it up and put a cute heart
button on it to keep it closed with a ribbon. It was a quick and sloppy job but seems to be doing the trick of brightening her life and hopefully keeping her razor clad feet from her chin. One flaw with it that I hope she won’t catch on to is that she was caught bathing her foot which presumably means she can reach her foot inside to scratch if she wants to badly enough. It may need a few adjustments but in the meantime, as you can see from these photos, she’s much more content.


Soft cone is comffffy!
This soft cone is comffffy!
Cone-Headed Kitten

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