The year of the … owl?

Nearly all the way through January now and I’ve got somewhat ambitious plans for this new year. Chiefly, it seems as though it will be a year for learning and growing. Thus the reason I’ve questioned if it’s actually the year of the owl for me, inspiring wisdom and such. Perhaps it’s just that I’ve got owls on the brain as you’ll see in my other post today, a piece of short fiction I wrote for my creative writing course.

As I’ve said a few times on this blog (and will leave you to trawl through previous posts to find where!) I have always enjoyed writing and I struggle to do enough of it. When I do I usually have something on my mind to rant about. Thus my journey in writing from a young child writing imaginative fiction to a high school student writing angsty poems and ranting in the school paper and now an adult blogging occasionally. I’m not sure if it’s only me (and suspect it’s more of us than I’ll ever know) but at 34 I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up- and I was comforted in this experience at church this weekend when the vicar acknowledged this as felt by many and that it’s okay as we’re always growing up. One thing is certain though: writing is always something I come back to.

So armed with this conviction I set off to re-ignite my creativity in writing and to challenge myself with writing fiction rather than editorial and so signed up for an 11-week Creative Writing class. Two weeks in, I admit that the discipline is a struggle and while I do manage to sit down for a chunk of time once a week I know that I will need to cultivate more time and space in my life to truly become the writer that I think I might be. I received my copy of ‘Writing Down the Bones’ by Natalie Goldberg today as recommended by my tutor to be a must-have book for every writer, and having read the first couple chapters today and getting choked up I am so grateful for this course and the input into my life.

I can see that with some of the message of this book coupled with the practicalities of the course, I am going to be well and truly confronted with who I am or more specifically who I am masking. The author is a practitioner of Zen meditation and pitches writing as an act of meditation and embracing one’s true self. As someone who has connected through writing in so many ways holistically- spiritually, emotionally, physically- I felt a sense of liberty in just reading her words and realise that I’m in for more than just a few lessons on how to write haiku or short stories.

I plan on posting some of my writing here under the category ‘The Writing Pad’ so if you’re into that kind of thing please feel free to feedback. This is about learning and growing as a writer and most importantly as an individual. Some of my writing may be disturbing and dark, some bright and silly. I hope you’ll enjoy going on this journey with me.

The year of the … owl?

2 thoughts on “The year of the … owl?

  1. Year of the owl – love it!!

    And that book sounds amazing. So glad you’re enjoying the course – even the challenge of it. I look forward to hearing more about it here and in person.

    PS I’m just about to read and reply to that email I’m behind on! 😉

  2. Conny says:

    I have had such an owl fad at the moment! We all could do with a few more owl moments! Glad you are using that wonderful brain. Can’t wait to read more… not just the ‘inked eskimo’ stuff.
    Good on you!

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