The bird of satisfaction

I went along to a friend’s church today to speak briefly on the theme of Satisfaction. Without getting into the subject too much, the whole day was comprised of a hearty breakfast, Zumba workout, lunch, cake, me chatting followed by everyone chatting, an art project, and mojitos. Overall, a satisfactory way to spend a Saturday.

I enjoyed the art thing, as we all did- shredding fashion magazines to put together a collage in the shape of a bird along the theme of satisfaction. Everyone’s birds were amazing. Mine was decidedly a bit different than most, but well when working in collage everything looks a bit weird. I thought it’d make for an interesting blog post.


2 thoughts on “The bird of satisfaction

  1. thanks Heather, it was fun! It’s actually all one collage, the other photos are just up close pix of the larger collage (well, the head photo shows that it opens and closes!).

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