Cloudless Days with No Sunshine

Walking to work this morning, the sky was a great s t r e t c h of cloudless blue.

Yet the sidewalk below was a drab gray, dark and cold

I knew that there must be some light out there ……………………..

………………… but it just hadn’t fallen across my path

On I walked and as the buildings rose HIGHER, the path grew darker, yet I could see the warm glow far overhead on the sides of the glass and concrete and metal far above. 

I came to enjoy the game of searching for (pockets of light) in the darkness, reflections of the sun that was surely out there                                                                       somewhere.

Through crevices between houses, along the backside of gardens overgrown with weeds and thorns, dancing in the windows. Eventually I caught glimpses as the buildings   spaced     out yet still it ducked and dived from my sight.

As I approached the open square, the intensity around me began to increase and build.

Finally, as I broke through my surroundings, there it stood as it had all along.
It hadn’t changed.

Only my own position had.


I wrote this piece not as a way of ‘preaching it’ to my atheist or ‘unbelieving’ friends but as, well, a good kick in the bum for my ‘believing’ or ‘orthodox’ friends- or more specifically to those who are pretty certain they know what truth is and can recognise what it isn’t. 

I use to make such claims and probably still am enlightened arrogant enough to do so now on occasion (well, don’t we all?). I recall a conversation I had recently with someone who reminded me of the good old (?) Christian proverb (not the kind in the bible… the kind that someone made up and it’s followed us around doggedly for aeons) that just a bit of untruth makes the whole thing a lie. I think most people put it a bit more whimsically than that but the exact phrase now escapes me, but you get the gist. I use to wield that one around myself but as it was reiterated to me I thought, now wait, that’s not exactly right. 

I’m in a place in life now where I believe that God does dwell, as the psalmist claims, everywhere, in everything- even in the worst of places, Sheol (death). Yes there’s a load of rubbish in this life but there are gems buried in deep within the dust and debris. I believe that were we to demonstrate to people where God was already at work in the world and in their own lives, more people would want to know him. 

As we journey though the urban landscape of our lives, the light may not be blinding us. It may be that we seldom, if ever see the sun. But often times we perceive it in its reflection in the glass and we wouldn’t recognise the shape of shadows if it was absent. People may be closer to the light than we give them, or Christ, credit for. 

Look for the glimmers of light and help others recognise them. It can be a fun game.

Cloudless Days with No Sunshine

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