July (flew by!)

Only after returning home in early August did I realise that I spent half of July away from home. Half of the away time was spent at Buddhafield Festival with the SPEAK Network. We brought our yurt to share our campaigns and to get to know people there. It was a really cool festival with great people and interesting conversations. Really chilled and enjoyable.

The following week I went with Rob to Freakstock Festival in Germany where he participated in a service, doing some storytelling on the theme of pilgrimage. He told the story of Tom Joad through the eyes of Woody Gutherie who wrote a folk song about Tom’s journey during the dust bowl. It was great seeing Rob on that stage in front of so many people and speaking with such confidence. The festival was a great time to see old friends and make some new friends too.

We spent the following three days in Berlin, site-seeing and shopping in the alternative district of Kruezberg. It’s good to be back in London now though, I must say! Enjoy some photos from our trip!

Friday Service @ Freakstock
Friday Service Crowd
Rob storytelling
Storytelling about The Joad Family and Pilgrimage
Impromptu gig  by band Praiser
“Peace Out”- Jesus Christ

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

Brandenburg Gate
Checkpoint Charlie
Near the River Spree
East Side Gallery
So true.


Part of the old wall

Photo Opp
July (flew by!)

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