Agents of Future: Because life, love and faith are messy

I had the radical privilege last summer to spend some time with Portland, Oregon’s Agents of Future. The band is facilitated by Todd and Angie Fadel who have become awesome friends who I wished lived closer, and they’ve really inspired Rob and I in our living and our worship. They’re part of a killer church family in Portland called The Bridge.

When they were with us last August, the band did a collaborative worship thing with our collective (also called The Bridge). There were balloons being pulled out of a refrigerator, toilet paper enveloping everyone in the room, buckets and pots and pans serving as instruments, children playing, and a genuine ‘I have no idea what’s happening but it’s marvellous’ feeling amongst all of us involved. Things like that just don’t happen in London. You can check out the videos here: and here

Anywho, why bring this up now? Well I was just sitting and listening to the chunk of their material I’ve got on my iTunes and this group makes me love Jesus more like few do. They’re so honest and so real and so raw. No worshippy BS that ignores the real life muck. True, real, gut-wrenching faith. I love it. And you should too ;0)

You can download a lot of their stuff on Soundclick  but I would totally recommend getting a CD or two or ten off of them. If you happen to be one of my real-life friends, ask me next time you see me and I’ll give you one as they gave us a few to hand out. If you happen to be at Greenbelt this year, I think they just might be there again. Do come along and expect anything to happen.

Agents of Future: Because life, love and faith are messy

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