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2 thoughts on “Liberation

  1. That's a provoking thought. Where did you find this?

    It's like a homeless person's freedom from poverty is dependent on my freedom from greed, etc. It goes hand in hand like some kind of chain reaction. Is this what it means when the Bible tells us that the whole earth groans for redemption?

  2. I found it while searching for quotes about community.

    I like your thought about the earth groaning for redemption. When we are living as community, if one lacks, so do the rest of us- Paul talks about it I think- if one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers. And I think it's true of the wider creation, beyond the church as well. What was that thought you had the other day- a butterfly flaps its wings in the amazon and a wave hits the coast in China or something clever like that?

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