Eccentricity is a delight.

New blog look, new blog post! I’m determined to end November on a good note!

This new layout actually reminded me about my little eccentricities and I thought I’d share. If you hadn’t noticed my last layout also had a bird theme. You might assume that I’m a lover of birds. Strangely, I’m not overly keen on them in real life. I prefer artsy birds to actual foul. Real birds are loud and I see one and think automatically of poo.

Growing up we lived across from a row of eucalyptus trees and in them lived these big black birds. They had that ominous ‘caw caw caw’ and they were fierce. Come springtime they became protective and defensive of their nests, in spite of said nests being several metres in the air, and eucalyptus trees aren’t all that condusive to climbing. One day when I was probably like seven I was walking out of my front door to a neighbours house when a big scary black bird mama came swooping down at my head, like a scene from a Hitchcock film, relentlessly trying to get me to go back into the house. I obliged and am still afraid of birds that come clamoring towards my headspace. Quite possibly this experience is what has led me to dislike actual birds.

But artsy birds are another thing entirely. They’re lovely. They sit still and look pretty or cute. They’re the type of bird I could cuddle with- mammal-like perhaps. I’m a little bit obsessed with artsy birds- kitsch, bohemian, cutsy, rockabilly- I’ve got a fair good number of them. My journal has a beautifully stitched purple and green bird. My top presently has little birds and my husband assures me there’s something resembling bird poo on it as well. I’ve got a hoodie with a colourful bird on it, an earring and necklace set of sparrows, a skirt with a gorgeous peacock embroidered on the side. Finally, I’ve also got a beautiful rockabilly style sparrow inked onto my forearm.

Yet. I. Still. Hate. Birds.

I’d like to tattle a bit on my husband’s quirk- ‘quotables’. He’s full of them. Slips of the tongue. Mixed up cliche phrases. He encourages me that I should either blog them or keep a book. So I shall.

Last night was priceless. Watching True Blood, (this is new to us) and at the end of the second episode, Sookie is left surrounded by deviant vampires. Rob is so impressed with the endings of both episodes we’ve seen that he says the following:

“This show has good cliff-hangovers.”

Genius! I can’t top that.

Eccentricity is a delight.

One thought on “Eccentricity is a delight.

  1. Hehe! I have a friend who is well known for her slips of the tongue, but she's never come out with that. Awesome! 😀

    Man I am glad I did not grow up opposite eucalyptus trees! I do like the birdies on your blog though (I think I'm similar- real life birds = arrrggghhh! kitchy cute arty birds = awwwwww!).

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