Prescription nightmares, being brutally honest, crafting Collectivity, and loving life with Aslan.

The last several weeks have been pretty immense. Rob and I got an update letter together to send to friends and supporters and it was so crammed full of what’s happened with us since February. But especially the past couple weeks- they’ve been amazing!

I have been for the last several months really battling with being depressed and hopeless and I kept thinking it might be down to my birth control pill, hormones etc. but kept putting off going to have the prescription switched. Finally after yet another spell of crying and hating life (seriously) I decided to make a hasty appointment. The doc readily switched me and my mood improved within a couple days. I am so much more energetic, hope-filled, and just plain happy. It’s like the sky has cleared. The thing that annoys me is that this particular pill, microgynon, has been a major issue for a lot of people, so I don’t understand why they still dispense the crap. Apparently it’s the cheapest on the market so that likely has something to do with it.

So that hurdle overcome, I can see life around me blooming with a lot of greatness and joy. This change came at a paramount time for me, being that I was speaking at The Bridge on some things that happened with my family a few years back and the death of my dad. It was the first time I’d publicly shared this and we (my family) were a bit afraid of doing so, but I knew it was what God wanted. To keep it in the dark would never help to liberate people from similar fates. I asked lots and lots of folks to pray for me in the week leading up to the Sunday and while I did have a few moments reflecting on everything that were heart wrenching, it was definitely covered in peace and hope. On the day I was sitting during worship and the thought came that this would be my last chance to change my mind. Once it’s out there, it’s out there and those words cannot be taken back. But just as that happened I felt like God was right there with me in the form of Aslan from Narnia, a great big menacing and fierce lion who would defend and protect me, but he was so cuddly and comforting to me. I buried my face in his coat and was filled with a sense of renewed peace and he stayed there by my side the entire evening and I could still feel that sense throughout the next few days. Even now it comforts me thinking about that. God always shows up in the most meaningful ways.

I shared my family’s story and it was podcasted and it’s soared in downloads with somewhere around 80 downloads in 3 weeks. When I think of all these people listening to this pain it really is humbling and a bit scary. So just to intensify that I’ll post a link here lol

Following that intense week we began prepping for the London Zine Symposium. We put together our own zine for the event, Collectivity. It was so much fun but a hell of a lot of work. We hand-stitched over 100 covers with the title and the zine was given out free at the symposium. We were blessed to get a table so that we could also put out Bridge flyers, Revolution of Love CD’s, patches, and Speak Network booklets. We quickly gave away all of our zines to people who were stunned that it was such quality yet free. We got rid of nearly all of our flyers without even offering them to people forthright, all of our teaching CD’s were sold (wonder what they think of them!), and all of our patches were sold too. All of the Speak materials were given out and we pretty much had a blank table for a couple hours hahaha! Rob was told by one of the organisers of the Alternative Press Fair that we should also attend and make Collectivity available. The guy made it pretty clear that he’s not into religion but he really liked our zine- which isn’t at all preachy but very much based on Kingdom values and the life of Christ. Hopefully it’ll make a real difference in people’s perceptions of church (along with our Jesus was a Heretic and We’re not Assholes flyers, just for a bit of controversy) and we’ll see some people live life for Christ.

I’m now listening to Dick Dale, enjoying a coffee and life in general. Oh yeah, I got my hair cut after trying my own hand at it and failing, so I went out and bought some cute punky ribbons to put in it. We’ve been able to begin tithing again and since have seen our finances change. I’m not into the whole ‘health and wealth’ gospel (even though bits are definitely true, but perhaps over emphasised), but this has proven true in our lives- give and it will be given to you, in good measure. God is so good, so faithful, and such an awesome dad!

Prescription nightmares, being brutally honest, crafting Collectivity, and loving life with Aslan.

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