Happy Day!

Today was a good day. Who said that…. TuPac? Someone like that…. fortunately I don’t see myself as being gunned down anytime soon though.

I’m not sure quite where to start with what’s good… as I’m on my way out to curry with friends which Rob and I can now afford! Our sixth month of sky-high rent has been paid miraculously yet again, we have the rest of money for bills for the month ahead (it seems that way on preliminary calculations anyways), we’re in major credit for gas and that bill’s dropped, we just realised that we’ve made it far enough on our lease that we can leave at one month’s notice (upgrade to a larger place with a smaller price hopefully), I’ve got one letter sorted out for my visa renewal, we’re going to get chips on the way home from curry and watch a film (hells yeah!), I think we can now afford to bowl a game for our other friend’s birthday, we had a new friend around today who brought her bff so now we have two new friends, my hubster is a happy clam, I bought new socks so my heels aren’t hangin out anymore, we thought we were gonna be about £71 short on rent but got a cheque for £35 yesterday then a deposit for $25 then our deposit that we thought would come in on Monday showed up today in the nick of time, what else what else what else?!

Every time I worry about God taking his sweet time on things He always shows up just when it’s most needed. He’s pretty sweet that way. And while I wish he wouldn’t wait so long, I’m glad because it keeps me mindful of who’s running this show and who I should trust mostest. And so should you ;0)

Happy Day!

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