Two fabulous dreams and a new baby!

As if finding myself in some random episode of The Mighty Boosh, I have experienced some strange and peculiar things in the away world known as ‘sleep’.

The first night found me organising a gig for Metallica in my high school town of Camarillo, California- meeting the band at, yes, you surely saw it coming, a Chevron gas station. Apparently word had gotten back to the band that there was no doubt I would find myself screaming like a 12 year old boy band fanatic (which could also have been my experience had I gone to the NKOTB reunion show) and they had prepared to throw me off a bit. Waiting outside the service station with a gal I don’t recognise but who was either a business associate or a best friend (hard to tell some days), we suddenly saw the door to our right open and two gigantic cuddly teddy bears march out- teddy bears the size of people. Teddy bears the size of Metallica members.

We naturally rushed at them, knowing it must be them under the costumes- now I say rushed and I really do mean rushed- my logic told me that because they were such large and fluffy costumes, there was ample padding to take the most forceful of ‘bear hugs’ and so I literally ran and threw myself into the arms of the waiting bear to the left, who was standing arms wide open. I could hear the voice inside sniffling and I thought, wow, could it be that this display of affection has so jarred the unknown metaller into an emotional expression I never saw coming? Of course I was myself all welled up with tears, although I’m glad to say I did it all with the most elegance and composure (not the usual snot works and hyperventilation one would expect). When we finally broke our embrace and stepped away, the teddy bears removed their cuddly heads and a smily and very hot looking James and Lars stood, removing the remainder of their costumes to reveal their typical metal and black profiles for us to gawk at.

Now, I have to admit, I had a crush on Lars in high school. But God only knows why- probably an affinity for dummers. I have my doubts that it had anything to do with his looks or personality. But since waking up from this dream and realising I’d spent the better part of two-dream-minutes embracing Lars and feeling really loved and cherished- not pushed away for a second (and it wasn’t because he could feel my chest, considering the mass of bear costume flesh between us). It was because Lars is a good person. And I truly love them even more now.

Dream two took place last night. It was one of those dreams that you’re not really sure if it’s actually taking place or not. I awakened to the sound of small intruders in the kitchen. Assuming that the mice had found their way in again I stood behind our bedroom door wondering if I should fling the door open and scare them away or if I should carefully open it in order to see what they were up to. I opted for the second mode of entry and was shocked at what I saw.

Rather than the expected rodents I saw kittens. Two lovely little adorable kittens who had come out of our upper cupboard, knocking over a bag of flour that was left on the counter (silly little cute kittens can be so clumsy), and playing softly on the floor. I walked in, smiled and picked them up. Then they explained to me, as kittens do, that there was a hole in the back of the cupboard and they are able to go from flat to flat from within the walls. And now that I think about it, maybe that’s the way forward with pest control in London- put kittens in walls! Anyways, so yeah I had a nice little talking to with these cuties, explaining that they were welcome to come and visit but that they would need to be very careful not to tip things over or break anything. They purred in agreement and I sent them back into their hole to get back to their home for the night.

Dreamy, huh? Can’t wait to get to sleep tonight and see what’s playing in my imagination then!

I’ve been waiting now for months, knowing that my laptop was on its way out. The disc drive was becoming old and protested quite a lot over Christmas. I have had to restart it on a daily basis several times. Surely there was little time left for it. Thankfully my mom gave me some money to buy a new laptop this weekend but I wouldn’t have time to actually go do the shopping til today. So I woke up, this being my day off, took my time a bit with coffee and email. Then as I decided to update my facebook status in honour of my kitten dream, I noticed that no letters were appearing on the screen. I’d managed to shoot off a birthday greeting just minutes before, and then nada. This left me in hysterics, laughing at the irony of the situation. So money in pocket I trapsed out and about (another story in its own right that I don’t care to get into) and bought me a new baby who sits in my lap now and actually speeds along and writes lovely little letters for you to read.

Thank God for killer dreams and new technology :0)

Two fabulous dreams and a new baby!

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