stitching back my sanity

I’ll save you the lame-o details but today I was not in the best of places. The best place to have been, in my mind, would have been under the duvet ignoring the existence of the world as I know it and everyone in it. Life sucked. However, I survived the day without crawling back under the sheets (my dear husband waking me up and coaxing me out with the offer of fresh coffee) but my only aim was to finish the day so that I could in fact get back to sleep. I managed to get to the re-start of our craft group Needlewerk tonight and that proved to be just what the psychiatrist ordered.

I managed to sew my Blindside patch on my coat as I’ve been meaning to do for several weeks now. I picked up my knitting, got frustrated by it and put it back down. However I was in a much happier place afterwards thanks to good company, a nice drink, and the reward of creativity. Thank God for pursuits such as these (and friends who no doubt were talking to God on my behalf as well). *sigh*

stitching back my sanity

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