Penny for my thoughts? Call 0845……

I’m currently surrounded by accounting. Receipt book, cheque book, ledger, forms, vouchers, storage, spreadsheets, signatures, figures and decimals- everything but money itself. The fact that I can even string together a logical sentence at present is amazing in itself. Logical it may be but I’m not sure that I have anything of interest to say.

Rob had a job interview “consultation” today. It proved to be time wasted and a ballsy request for £5000+ in exchange for 6 mos-2 years IT training. No job offer or surety. Just a crappy course. Apparently the woman looked at his CV and said something to the effect of ‘Oh, I see you have a degree in technology!’ Rob’s reply, ‘No I have a degree in theology’ motioning to the line saying B.A. (Hons) Theology. She comes back with the obviously clueless response, ‘Oh that’s really nice.’ Then tonight we’re sitting at home and he gets an email telling him ‘Good news! We have received and approved your CV and would like to offer you a job with our bullshit company in return for your calling this 0844 number that’ll charge you just for ringing, then we’ll ask you for £25 so that you can process data from home earning £250-500/week!’

Are people really so ruthless and unethical to use the present economic downturn to rape people out of £5000 for a crap certificate (when these could get a degree with that kind of cash) when all they want is a job, or to con innocent people into calling an expensive number so this company could fork in dough?! I told Rob that I think people suck. He said that people don’t suck- these particular people suck, but not all people suck. See… he deserves a job, working with people, helping them, and showing them love, care and support like nobody else could (well certainly I couldn’t).

Anywho… seems the theme is money for this post. And ironically, I think we’re watching The Counterfeiters tonight, a German flick about people in concentration camps who made phony bills in WWII. Funny day.

Penny for my thoughts? Call 0845……

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